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Before Your Appointment...

For every appointment, when you arrive for your service, please let your esthetician know if you have any health conditions or changes that may impact your service. 

For facial, lash and brow services, please arrive with a clean face whenever possible.

For optimal waxing services, skin should not be compromised.  Maintaining skin health with exfoliation and moisturization will ensure the best results.

Our hairs are on different growth cycles.  The hair we wax today will regrow in about 4 weeks.  Growth sooner than that are hairs that are on a different growth cycle.  It is possible to get most hair on a similar growth cycle by maintaining regular waxing.  When this happens, hair will appear to grow more slowly. It is also possible to weaken hair follicles and stop growth with regular waxing.  This takes time and regular consistent waxing.

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